Creating A Single-Family Home In The City

With city living on the rise, living in densely populated urban areas is happening more often. While living in a high-rise condo works for many couples and singles, if you have a large family, a single-family house works best. Though single family units and large cities may sound like polar opposites, there are many different ways to make a house work in a populated area. Here are some tips on creating a home oasis inside of a big city.

Don't be afraid to build

Though you may be able to find a home that is only a few city blocks away from all the restaurants and shops, it is not always likely. In order to get a good home in a prime location, you may have to purchase a lot and build your own home. This way, the home will fit your specifications and style needs. Make sure that the home lot that you purchase is marked as a residential lot. In a big city, you must be careful to remain in a residential zone, rather than a commercial one.

Build a driveway gate

One of the best safeguards that you can provide for your family is a driveway gate. The security gate will not only keep intruders out, but it will keep your kids and pets inside of the yard while running around. One of the most dangerous elements of a big city is the constant traffic. Protect your home and its inhabitants with an automatic gate that can only be opened by code or electronics key. A gate has the added benefit of preserving your grass and plants, leaving the perfect suburban feel so you don't miss anything.

Go up instead of down

Rather than expanding square footage on the ground floor, in a populated city with low space, you will need to build up. Purchase or build a home that has three floors, for home use. While the home may be narrower than suburban homes, three stories will allow you the footage necessary for family rooms, bedrooms, and bonus space. A home with increased square footage through the use of levels also separates your living space in a way that is easy to keep organized.

City living has a number of benefits, and there is no reason to give it up because of having a family. Give your family the option of living within close proximity of a cultural epicenter while enjoying a peaceful and gratifying home life.