Preparing Your Boiler For Winter

No family enjoys being left in the cold during the dead of winter, so it's important to give your boiler a thought before temperatures get any worse. Servicing your boiler during this time of year will prevent it from breaking down and save you money on utility bills.

Call in a certified technician to inspect and repair your boiler and ensure it is safe and efficient. The technician can clean up the boiler, seal broken heating ducts and change clogged up filters to enhance the quality of air inside your home.

Why you should get your boiler serviced

Servicing your boiler in preparation for winter is necessary if you are to avoid heating mishaps and keep your home environment warm and cozy. The main reason to schedule maintenance of your gas, oil or electric boiler is to bring down utility bills. About three-quarters of your energy consumption during winter goes toward heating, so ensuring that the system is efficient can save you a great deal of money.

Boiler maintenance also helps keep your home safe from toxic carbon monoxide which can be produced by an inefficient boiler that does not burn fossil fuels properly. Carbon monoxide buildup in your home can lead to health complications such as nausea, vomiting and even cause unconsciousness and death if extreme.

What you can do to increase boiler efficiency this winter

  1. Maintain your heat ducts - Heat ducts are responsible for distributing heated steam through the home, so leaking pipes can lower heating quality and lead to fuel wastage. To ensure maximum heating, inspect all heat ducts for leaks and call in a heating contractor to repair or replace damaged ducts. You should also schedule cleaning of all heat ducts, as dirt and soot trapped inside the pipes can restrict air flow and reduce heating efficiency. Invest in a tank jacket to insulate your boiler tank and insulate all your main heat ducts to prevent heat loss.
  2. Invest in a digital thermostat – Old model mercury thermostats can be inaccurate, leading to undesired temperatures in the home. A modern digital thermostat can be automatically programmed to turn down the heat at night or when you leave for work and increase heating when you are home, leading to less fuel wastage.
  3. Replace your old boiler - If your boiler is inefficient and emits too much carbon dioxide, it might be more economical to simply replace it with a modern, A-rated condenser boiler that would provide better and more efficient heating while also reducing your carbon footprint.