Four Tips To Help You Find The Right Energy Solutions For Your Radiant Heating System

If your home uses radiant heating, there are many solutions to provide your heating system with energy. Radiant heating can work with biomass, gas and electric boilers. The system you want to use for your home depends on your specific needs. For example: if you have available firewood, you may want to consider an outdoor furnace or biomass; if you live in a urban area, solutions like heating oil may be more ideal. Here are four tips to help you decide what type of radiant heating system will work best for your home:

1. Outdoor Boiler Systems And Using Firewood As A Fuel Source

Outdoor boilers are a great resource for rural homes where an abundance of firewood is available. These systems use water that is heated with firewood to provide home heating. They can be used to provide hot water, or connected to central heating systems. They can provide you with many heating options, and many of them are large enough to heat a home, workshop and garage by just adding extra pumps to the boiler.

2. Green Biomass Boilers For A Green Renewable Energy Solution

There are also boilers that can use biomass fuels made from organic waste materials. These systems can be powered by a pellet fuel material, or with things like wood ships, corn and other agricultural waste. These are ideal for areas where firewood is not as abundant, but there is still a source of organic fuel materials or a provider or biomass pellet fuels.

3. Heating Oil Systems For Use Where Biomass Fuel Sources Are Not Available

Heating oil systems are a more conventional form of powering radiant heating systems. The heating oil fuel is stored in a tank and used to power a boiler or furnace, which then provides the radiant heating to the home. Heating oil can also be used with conventional central HVAC, and power the furnace the provides the home with heating. It is more practical to use a boiler because the boiler can also be used to provide your home with hot water.

4. Conventional Gas And Electric Boilers For Urban Areas

Gas and electric boilers are a more practical solution for homes in urban areas. They can be combined with technologies like geothermal heat exchangers, which can help them to be more energy efficient.  There are many options for a gas or electric boiler, which may be the ideal solution if you live in an urban area where heating oil systems may not be a practical solution for your home heating system.

These are some tips to help you decide what type of heating system will work best for your home. If you plan to use oil, contact a heating oil and tank service like Self Heating Cooling to help you with the needs of your heating system.