A Home Buying Must

Buying a new home can be both exciting and frightening. The excitement comes from the newness, and the fear comes from the unknown. The last thing you need to add on top of those feelings is worry. Concerns about the septic system of any prospective home may be legitimately rooted, but should be nothing to worry about. A thorough septic inspection will shed light on a matter that is by nature (and for good reason) kept underground. 

Common Septic Problems 

  • Tree roots choking the drain pipe
  • Inadequate leach field size 
  • Leach field has been paved over 
  • Septic tank/system installed in poor soil
  • Groundwater levels exceed seasonal norms

A qualified septic inspector can tell you what problems you have (if any), and how to resolve them. 

Types of Inspections

There are two basic types of septic inspection. The dye test, and the uncovered test. The dye test is quite simple and straightforward. The technician introduces a fluorescent dye into the septic system. If a large enough quantity of the dye leaks up to the surface than one or more failures exist within the septic system. The uncovered test is expensive as it involves pumping the septic tank, and then uncovering the tank and drain pipe. Cameras are then used to document and view any potential trouble areas. This test is expensive, but the cost of the test is less than one percent of the replacement cost of the system. Making it a thrifty expenditure. 

What Else Can You Expect to Learn? 

Age: Septic systems last for about twenty-five years, so knowing how old the system is is an important piece of information to have before making an offer. 

Code compliance: Municipal codes evolve over time as building materials and techniques improve. Make sure your system doesn't require any retrofitting. 

Maintenance records: Peace of mind comes from knowing that someone cared enough to maintain the home you want your family to live in. Make sure that you have proof. 

Capacity: Make sure that the system you are buying in to can handle the work load you are going to place upon it. Family size combined with how often you will be cooking, cleaning, showering, and laundering equate to the total capacity required to ensure an effective system. The inspection will confirm what you are working with. 

A professionally conducted septic inspection is a must for any home buyer. Your peace of mind and budget are at stake, so don't delay. Call a professional and get those questions answered immediately!