How To Save On Heating Costs

If you're like most people, then you rely on a water heater to supply the warm, comfortable water that your baths and showers require. Unfortunately, however, that warm water doesn't come for free, nor does it always come cheap. This is especially true if you're operating with an older, poorly maintained, or otherwise less efficient water heater. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to improve the efficiency of your water heater and to use less water in general, allowing you to spend less on heating costs and to reduce the size of your carbon footprint all at the same time.  

Dial it Down

Do you know what temperature your water heater is set at? Chances are, it's turned up too high. If it's cranked all the way up, dial it down to a nice mid-level, about halfway between the lowest and highest setting. Or, if you like your water nice and steamy, dial it a couple of notches above the mid-point.

In any case, as long as you don't have your water heater cranked all the way up, you should save big. You won't lose out on comfort either since very few people actually use their water at the full extent of its heat. Keeping the thermostat turned up usually means you're heating water (and wasting money) for nothing.

Invest in a Low-Flow Showerhead

Are you a shower person? If so, there's a pretty good chance you waste a lot of water each and every time you take a shower. As the old saying goes, however, waste not, want not.

Reduce your shower water waste by purchasing and installing a low-flow showerhead. These showerheads help to reduce the amount of water that comes out of the shower when you turn on the tap. Don't worry though; you'll still end up with plenty of water to shower with without going overboard.

Choose Cool Cleaning

If you're truly dedicated to cutting back on water-related costs, why not wash your clothes in cool water? Most clothes really don't require warm water to get clean, so you can still do laundry without spending a small fortune per load.

You can always make an exception for specialty garments or when the label specifically says to wash in warm water, but otherwise, you're better off taking the frugal approach to laundry. If you can follow these helpful tips, you should see a nice reduction in your water bill in no time at all.

For more helpful tips on how to use your water heater more efficiently, contact a specialist, like Parkey's Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing