Temporary Plumbing Repairs That Work Until Professional Repairs Are Made

Turning on your kitchen faucet to find no water coming from it is never a good feeling, especially if the weather is snowy and roadways are impassable. In the event your plumbing system needs repairs during a bad storm or other disaster, you can safely say you are dealing with an emergency plumbing problem. Check out these tips for making temporary repairs to have water until you can get in touch with a plumber.

Patching The Pipe That Froze And Burst

Chances are good if you are dealing with frozen pipes, you could also be dealing with snowy, icy weather as well. If winter weather has you grounded at home for a few weeks, calling a plumber may not be an option right away. If you have a rubber water hose and some small clamps, you can temporarily repair a burst pipe. Cut away the damaged part of the pipe and slide the water hose over both ends of cut pipe, placing a clamp tightly at either end of the hose. You can also use the rubber from a tire tube to make temporary repairs. Wrap the tubing around the damaged parts of the pipe and tighten it down with clamps. Bear in mind these are only temporary fixes until a plumber can make professional repairs.

Silicone Tape Works Great In An Emergency Plumbing Repair

Keeping a roll of silicone repair tape on hand is a good idea, especially during the winter. Silicone tape molds to itself and creates a strong seal. Wrapping a burst pipe with silicone tape can temporarily fix it. Not every type of adhesive tape works for repairing water pipes. Silicone is an excellent choice for making pipe repairs because it can mold to itself fast.

Epoxy Can Help During An Emergency Repair

If you decide to use epoxy to repair a cracked pipe, remember to use a tube that is fresh. Old epoxy hardens in the tube and can make your repairs impossible. Once you have epoxy on the pipe, forming it before it hardens is your next step. Once epoxy is hardened, it can provide a great temporary fix. You might also consider wrapping rubber tubing around the epoxy to add additional leak prevention.

Being prepared for a plumbing emergency is the best way to avoid not having water when you need it the most. Being snowed in with small children and no water can be quite an experience. The same is also true if you have indoor pets. Put together a kit of emergency plumbing items like silicone tape, clamps, epoxy and rubbing hose. You should also take the time in the fall to wrap your pipes and prepare them for below freezing temperatures. Talk to experts like Salinas & Sons Rooter Service for more information.