How To Keep Your Interior Paint Job Looking Its Best

If you have recently painted the interior of your home, you know this can transform the look of your home and leave a fresh new feeling. It is important to keep that feeling going as long as you can. Here are four tips to keep your interior paint job looking new and fresh.

1. Be Ready for Touch-ups

Make sure that your painter can leave you a small amount of paint to match your walls so that you can handle small touch-ups yourself. If small chips or untreatable stains happen, you can spot-treat these with a quick paint touch-up. It is a good idea to label the tops with info on which colors correspond to specific walls, rooms, or doors. It can be hard to tell the difference between similar colors until paint dries, so don't make a mistake and have a bigger issue on your hands.

2. Include Walls in Your Cleaning Routine

Wipe down your walls with a wet cloth every couple of weeks, and include this in your standard cleaning routine. Heavily trafficked areas such as doorways and hallways can build up dirt and dust, which can lead to staining and dinginess over time. Try to keep these spaces as clean as you can.

3. Understanding Stain Care

Understanding how to clean your walls will help you be equipped when accidents happen. Not all paint can be treated with the same types of stain removers. Make sure that your painters can let you know the best way to care for your walls. Not all paints can handle the same cleaning agents, and you might inadvertently cause discoloration.

4. Keep Walls from Fading

If you have picked bold colors for certain spaces or accent walls, know that these might be in the most danger of fading overtime. Make sure to take an inventory of when and where sunlight hits your walls directly. Try to draw the shades when you can to protect your walls over time. Rearranging furniture and wall accents can also keep noticeable fading from setting in over time.

Even though paint may seem dry to the touch after a day or two, it is important to give it up to two weeks to really set in and dry. Try to avoid getting any stains on your wall during this period, since discoloration from re-wetting or cleaning can affect the color of your walls. If you have put time and effort into painting the inside of your home, make sure to keep your walls clean and looking their best for years. For more advice, speak with experts like L W Winslow Painting.