Easy Stone Beauty: 3 DIY Ways to Manage Your Granite Vanity

Home designs may change, but granite vanities will always be in style because of their durability and beauty. Many nature-loving homeowners prefer granite because it is stone in its pure form, unlike quartz or other material that's man made.

You may have heard that granite is hard to take care of, but granite is very forgiving and easy to manage. Below are 3 DIY ways to manage your granite vanities and counter tops.

Seal the deal.

Granite should be sealed every year or so. Bathroom vanities don't get the abuse of a kitchen counter top, but they can still be stained by makeup and hair care products. Combs, hairbrushes, and nail files can scratch the surface of granite as well.

The best way to tell if your bathroom granite must be sealed is to check if water beads up on the surface of the vanity top. If water does not form little drops, but spreads out or seems to soak into the granite, it's time to seal it.

Use a product to get rid of any existing stains, then clean the granite thoroughly with soap and water and let it dry. Use an approved granite sealer available at your home improvement store or from a granite professional supplier. Apply the sealer as directed and you've just protected your bathroom vanity for another year.

Fill in the missing chips.

If you've got a huge chunk knocked out of your granite vanity, you may have to call in the professionals to do a seamless repair.

If the chip is a smaller one, though, don't despair. You can easily fill it in using one of the super glue products found in many stores.

Clean the area around the chip with nail polish remover or acetone to give the glue some good sticking power. If the chip area is not the same color as the surrounding granite, fill it in with a permanent marker in the same color. Tape off the area, fill it with the super glue and let it dry.

After you razor off the excess glue, you can sand or buff the area to get the same sheen as the rest of the vanity top.

Watch what goes on the granite.

Some health and beauty products contain acids or abrasive beads that will harm the finish of your granite vanity top. If the seal over the granite is degraded or disturbed, stains and permanent scratches are more likely to happen with everyday use. Clean up all spills right away, and gently wipe off abrasive toothpastes or facial scrubs so they don't scratch the granite.

Don't allow anyone to sit on the ends of a granite vanity, and don't put excess weight on it. Granite is strong, but a counter top is not engineered to hold a human.

Heat is not good for granite. Buy a pad or a platform for your curling irons and straighteners so that their intense temperatures don't mar your beautiful vanity top. Make sure there is adequate heat protection under candles and incense burners.

With proper care, a granite vanity top will last for generations. If you have additional questions about the best ways to care for the granite products in your home, contact granite installation professional like A. Padilla Marble, Inc.