4 Safety Tips To Help You Avoid Injury While Inspecting And Repairing Roof Damage

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, there may be some time when you need to inspect damage or do repairs. Doing anything high up on a roof can be dangerous, but if you follow a few guidelines, you can reduce your risk of injury. Here are some safety rules that you will want to consider when doing anything on your roof:

1. Using Ladders Properly When Getting On A Roof

Ladders may be the most common cause of injuries for doing work around your home. Pay attention to the safety tags and use ladders how they were meant to be used. You should never place the ladder so the bottom is at a steep angle from the roof edge. Make sure that the top of the ladder extends past the roof's edge by a couple of rungs. And, never stand on the top two rungs. If you can, make sure you have someone below to stabilize the ladder as you climb.

2. Avoiding Utilities When On The Roof

Utilities may be another potential hazard waiting on your roof. If you can, use a fiberglass ladder to do repairs around your home. Avoid placing ladders near power lines when doing repairs. It is also advisable to stay clear of tree branches that are dangerously close to electricity. Keeping trees pruned can help reduce many of these hazards.

3. Steering Clear Of Roof Debris And Loose Materials

While you are on your roof, it is also important to avoid any loose debris. Materials lying on your roof can slide out from under you and cause you to fall. Also, pay attention to the shingles, and if you see any loose roofing, walk around it.

4. Working the Proper Way On A Roof To Avoid Falls 

When doing any repairs or maintenance, it is also important to prevent slipping. There are roofing shoes with sturdy soles that you can purchase; and, they are safer than tennis shoes since they provide traction. For things like cleaning or removing shingles, work from the top down and do not stand beneath the materials. For steeper roofs, scaffolding jacks can help you avoid falls. You may also want to consider using a fall protection harness, which can be picked up from any home improvement center. For more roof safety tips, you may want to talk to a place like Grissom Contracting. For any major damage and repairs, get a professional contractor to help you.