How To Organize Your Closet To Maximize Space

Don't you love seeing pictures of beautiful, well put together closets? The problem with most of them is that all you see is three pairs of shoes and a handful of clothing. Of course it's going to look good—it's empty! That's not exactly real life. You most likely have closets chock-full of clothing, coats, shoes and accessories. There is a way to organize all of these items to not only make it look a little more put together but to also maximize your space. See below for helpful tips on how to organize your closet.

Clean It Out

Take every single item out of your closet and go through the items one by one. Yes it's chock-full of items, but that doesn't mean that you actually wear everything in it. There are probably items that no longer fit, are no longer in style or can just be thrown out. Make three piles, one to keep, one to donate and one to throw away. If the items are in good shape, donate them. If they have holes or stains, throw them away. Wipe down every surface in your closet to give it a nice clean feel.

Use Every Inch Of Space

If you had a low hanging rod in your closet, you probably have a lot of wasted space above it. This space can be used too, so invest in a new hanging system that you can hang high with one or two lower hanging levels below it. You can hang skirts or pants on the lower levels. Add a high shelf so you are using every inch of space without wasting any vertical space. Invest in thinner hangers, as opposed to wide hangers. This will help save you some space as well.

Add Drawers And Shelves

You can store quite a bit in drawers without taking up too much space. Fold up jeans and t-shirts and put them into the drawers, rather than hanging them. Add shoe shelves to store your shoes, rather than all over the floor. You will find them easier this way. You can also use a hanging shoe organizer for this purpose.

Store Accessories

Use decorative boxes to store seasonal items such as winter scarves, hats and gloves. Install a pegboard with small hooks in your closet to store costume jewelry that doesn't fit into a jewelry box or to store belts. Use shower curtain rings and a hanger to store lightweight scarves.

Organizing your closet properly will help you find things easier, will feel cleaner and will help maximize your space. For professional advice, contact a company like Contemporary Closets of Naples Inc.