Impact Windows: Protect Your Two Story Home Without Damaging Your Trees

If you live in a two-story home surrounded by tall trees, you want to protect your upper windows from seasonal storms without cutting down your trees. Cutting down your trees, or even trimming their branches and limbs, can permanently destroy or stunt their growth. Protect your home's integrity and safety without damaging your trees with impact windows. Here are a few features to look for in impact windows, as well as tips to improve the safety of your home without destroying your valuable trees.

Do Impact Windows Come With Protective Glass?

Impact windows come with two outer layers of thick glass and one inner layer of shatter-proof material called a membrane. The membrane essentially keeps both outer layers intact and in the correct position during intense snowstorms and heavy thunderstorms. Intense winds can push against window glass until it cracks or shatters into pieces.

In addition, the membrane acts as a protective shield against flying missiles and swaying tree limbs. These features are especially important if your trees sway back and forth against the upper floor during intense weather conditions. If strong winds blow or pull the limbs away from the home, the branches can forcibly spring back into your windows once the winds release their grips on them.

Finally, impact windows come with storm-proof frames that support and hold the glass in place. The reinforced frames come in different materials, such as wood and aluminum. However, you should ask your window installation contractor to combine materials for the best results.

For instance, you can install windows that have an aluminum or vinyl inner layer and a thick, waterproof wooden outer layer. The more protection you have for your windows, the less impact your trees may have on them during storm season.  

What Else Can You Do to Keep Your Home Safe?

After your contractor installs your impact windows, take additional steps to protect the home. If you haven't done so already, contact a tree service provider and have them prune your trees. Pruning keeps your trees' growth in check, as well as healthy.

Also, have the limbs of your large trees inspected and treated for disease and pest damage. Wood-eating insects, such as borer bugs, weaken trees over time. If your trees experience these issues, they can tip over or collapse into your upper floor's windows very easily.

If necessary, consider straightening your trees. Straightening refers to wrapping chains or strong ropes around the trunks of your trees, then securing the chains and ropes to large spikes placed deep into the ground. Straightening also creates room between your trees and home, which gives your trees room to sway without placing too much weight on your windows and home during storms.

For more information about impact windows, contact a local installer today (such as one from Weather-Tek Home Remodeling Center).