Three Different Kinds of Stud Welding Machines

As a beginner welder, you might not know that there are multiple kinds of systems that you may end up working with. You might get comfortable with one type and then find it hard or impossible to work with other kinds of machines. That's why it's important to learn as much as you can about what's out there. Here are a few different types of welding machines and some information about them so you can be better aware of what you may be working with.

Arc Machines

Arc machines are probably the kind of welding machine you are most familiar with, as it is one of the most widely used machines. Construction sites use these machines often to drive bolts/studs through steel beams. With these machines, an arc of electrical current goes through the bolt and adheres to whatever metal you are welding. The reason this works is that the electrical current changes the molecular status of the metal and the bolt so that they can remain connected.

CD Machines

CD stud welders allow you to work with small pieces. This kind of machine melts the metal surface so that the stud can be spring-mounted. When the metal surface has time to cool, the stud is locked in place and cannot be taken off. You may find this type of stud welding machine when working with electronics, where there are very small pieces that need to be worked on.

Production Machines

Industrial shops that have to weld multiple items each day might use this type of welding machine. Usually, production welding machines are custom ordered so that there are multiple power levels and numerous welding gun ports.

The entire machine might be put on casters in order for it to be moved from station to station. You are likely to encounter production stud welding machines in auto manufacturing plants and other industrial shops.

Now that you know some of the stud welding systems that you might come into contact with, try to work with different types so that you are comfortable with each. If you are thinking about doing freelance work as a welder, it might be a good idea for you to get each type of machine so that you can practice and be ready when clients need particular services. Be sure that you talk to a local welding contractor, like one from Northland Fastening Systems, to learn more about the kinds of welding machines that are being used in your area.