Pre-Holiday Painting – How To Quickly Get The Paint Odors Out Of Your Home

Many homeowners scurry about in an attempt to get their homes looking their best before the holidays. Welcoming guests, taking lots of pictures and creating an atmosphere that makes a person feel at home and happy cause this sudden burst of home improvements. One project that can revive even the dreariest of homes is painting. If you are having paint work done around your home but don't want the odors to linger, find out how to eliminate those odors quickly in the article that follows.

Additives in the Paint

Some painting contractors regularly use additives in the paint to cut down on the odors that are left after the job is done. A couple of drops of scented oils or vanilla extract can go a long way in making the paint smell better as it dries and leave a lingering pleasant scent in your home instead of the not-so-pleasant paint smell.

Get the Air Moving

Even though the temperatures are dropping, it is best to keep a few windows open while the home is being painted. Air circulation will help in two ways – expedite the dry time and remove the paint fumes from the house. Put a fan in one window pulling the air from the room and another fan in another window pulling fresh air in from outside.

Absorb the Odors

You can use odor absorbing agents to absorb the stink out of your home. These agents include

  • White vinegar – Pour a bottle of white vinegar into bowls and set them around the room. The vinegar is nature's best cleaning agent – not only does it remove stains and get things clean, but it also absorbs odors from the air.
  • Water – Believe it or not, a few buckets of distilled water in the room can help absorb the odors. Don't use your city water or your well water because the chemicals will make it less effective in removing the odors from the air.
  • Activated Charcoal – Activated charcoal can be picked up at your local home improvement store for very little money. If it comes in lumps, put it in a couple of paper bags and smash it up with a hammer or mallet. Put the crushed charcoal in a few bowls around the room and let it absorb the odors from the room.

Burn Candles

Scented candles can help in two ways – they fill the air with a pleasant smell and the flames burn the fumes that remain in the space. Just remember to place the candles away from the walls and ceiling and trim the wicks. You don't want the flame to get too large and the black soot to stick to the fresh paint.

Talk with your painting contractor to learn more ways to eliminate the smells left behind so that your home can smell as nice as it looks when the painting is complete. Click here for more info on paint.