Two Plumbing Tips For Homeowners

It is an unfortunate fact that older homes can be more likely to experience plumbing-related problems. These problems can result in serious consequences and inefficiencies for the home. While there are steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of these problems, new homeowners may not understand these steps. Fortunately, you can use the following couple of tips to help avoid these issues.

Invest In Filtration Systems

Older homes may have pipes that have years of mineral deposits and other debris in them. These substances can come loose and gradually damage your water-using appliances. Fortunately, you can help eliminate this source of appliance damage by investing in a water filtration system.

These devices are attached to each water-using appliance, and they will filter out any particulate matter that may harm the appliance. In addition to being a highly affordable upgrade, these devices are also low maintenance. You will need to change the filter in each device at least twice a year, but this should be the only maintenance the filter needs. While the exact steps for changing this component will vary based on the manufacturer of your filter, this maintenance will usually not require you to hire a professional.

Remove Mineral Deposits From Your Water Heater

Over time, mineral deposits will start to accumulate on the interior of your water heater. This can manifest itself as a clanking sound or restricted water pressure. To combat this issue, you will need to drain the water heater and remove any sediments in it before vigorously scrubbing the accumulated mineral deposits.

There will likely be some deposits that you are unable to remove by hand. You will need a special mineral dissolving cleaning agent. Luckily, water heater mineral deposit cleaning solutions can be purchased from most large hardware and home improvement stores. Some of these substances will be applied to the interior sides of the reservoir to dissolve the minerals while others will be mixed with water and added to the water heater's tank. These solutions will need to be in contact with the minerals for several hours to remove all of them, and you should plan to be without hot water during this time.

Getting the most from your home's plumbing system does not have to be a difficult task for you to do. Having a thorough understanding about the need to install water filters for any of your home's appliances as well as the need to remove mineral deposits from the water heater will make it easier for your home to avoid some of the worst of these problems. If you're already experiencing plumbing issues, make sure to call in a plumber like Towers-Murray Plumbing Co Inc.