3 Things That Can Cause Deep Well Pump Problems

There is nothing more stressful than turning on the faucet and having no water come out. If you have a deep well pump that has stopped dispersing water into your plumbing system, there are a few things that can be causing the problem to happen. You can figure out what is possibly going on by viewing three of the common problems that deep water well pumps can have in the article below.

1. You Need to Get the Starter Switch Cleaned or Replaced

No matter what kind of shape the parts to your deep water well are in, nothing will function if the starter switch is problematic. It is possible that the starter switch has become jammed and will not allow the deep well pump to bring water up out of the ground. Dirt could have accumulated around the starter switch and prevented it from moving into the on position all the way. Cleaning around the starting switch with a thin wire to get rid of dirt might fix the problem. However, a professional will be able to perform a more thorough cleaning and find out if the starter switch should be replaced.

2. No Electricity is Flowing into the Deep Well Pump Wires

Your deep well pump might not be gathering water from the ground because there is a short in the wires that tripped the circuit breakers. Although you can turn the circuit breakers back on to release electricity into the pump wires, the best thing to do is to get the damaged wires repaired. You might end up causing the wires to overheat and spark a fire if you just turn the circuit breakers back on. If the circuit breakers did not trip off and there is no electricity, it is possible that one of them has blown a fuse. Seek help from an electrician to take a look at the circuit breakers to see if he or she should replace a fuse.

3. Something is Wrong with the Well Pump Motor

There are a few things that can go wrong with the pump motor and interfere with water coming into your home. You might be dealing with a motor that continuously overheats, which can also lead to damaged wires and tripping circuit breakers. Depending on where the pump motor is located, it is important for there to be an adequate amount of ventilation around it to prevent overheating.

The best way to find out why your water well is not dispersing water into your house is to get the system inspected by a skilled contractor. Click here for info on well pumps.