3 Kitchen Must-Haves In A Home With Young Children

Having a child can be a big adjustment for any household. Young children must be monitored carefully since they can be prone to accidents. Household injuries are one of the top reasons children under the age of three visit the emergency room. The kitchen is one room where many of these accidents occur. Kitchens have sharp utensils, hot surfaces, and many other potential dangers. In a home with young children, kitchen safety is very important. Here are three kitchen must-haves that any household with young children needs.

Sprinkler System

Fire is a big hazard in any kitchen. In fact, around 41% of all house fires begin in this room. Young children often turn on stoves and ovens, or place objects near these appliances when unattended, leading to potential fires. While constant supervision is the best prevention, if a fire does start, fire sprinklers are a must. Sprinklers cost on average $1.35 per square foot and are worth the investment. They can keep a fire from spreading from the kitchen to the rest of the home. They can also even help put out small fires quickly. A sprinkler system in addition to fire extinguishers are important parts of kitchen fire systems.

Safer Stoves

The stove is one kitchen appliance that can be very dangerous to young children. Not only can they cause fires, they can also lead to burns if touched. The first step is to make it difficult for the stove to be turned on. Childproof stove knobs are a must, especially for gas stoves. Stoves should be monitored carefully while in use; however, sometimes life gets in the way. There are motion sensors that will turn the stove off if no movement is detected within a certain time limit. This can be a great feature for distracted parents. It's also a great fire prevention tool.

Appliances That Can Be Bolted To The Wall

While it may not seem likely that a small child is able to tip over an appliance, it can happen. A child standing on the door of an oven or broiler may be able to tip it over. The same goes for other appliances in the kitchen. The solution to this potential problem is to make sure that any large or heavy appliance is bolted to the wall. This eliminates the risk of the appliance tipping over on top of a small child.

The kitchen can be a dangerous space for small children. However, there are a few things that can be done to reduce some of the risk. Installing sprinklers and making a few modifications to the stove can greatly reduce the risk of fire. Bolting appliances to the wall is also a great way to keep children safe. Visit http://www.nwfireinc.com for more information.