Tips For A Healthy Septic System

A healthy septic system can help to keep you healthy, so doing what you can to keep it in working order is important. Here are some steps to understanding and maintaining your septic system. 

Get to Know Your Septic System

In order to care for a septic tank, it's important to understand how they work. Your septic tank is filled with different layers of waste. The solids will sink to the bottom of the tank, while the top layer is mostly going to be separated water. Throughout the tank, bacteria continue to break down the solids in the tank so that they can be removed into the drain field. 

Keep the Water Levels Low

When the water in your septic tank goes past a certain level in the tank, it is released into the drainfield where it is then dispersed. But if the water levels get too high, it can cause flooding in the drainfield, which leads to bacteria spread and risk of disease. It also interferes with the normal processes inside your septic tank. 

So, make sure to take steps to conserve water in your home to avoid overloading water in the septic tank. The volume of water released at one time is important; your septic tank contractor may advise you to space out the timing of water-heavy activities such as washing clothes or running the dishwasher. 

Keep the Drain Field Clear

In order for the drain field to effectively disperse waste water, it needs to be clear of any obstructions. For instance, heavy yard debris can effect the drain field, especially if tree roots get into the drain field area and block it. Heavy items can also have an impact on the drain field; don't let guests park vehicles in the drain field area, for example. 

Keep the Solids Level Low

Another component of caring for a septic system is keeping the levels of solid waste low in the tank. Lots of solid waste is difficult for the bacteria to break down. Inorganic materials such as cotton balls or cigarette butts may sit there for a long time, taking up valuable space in the tank. Don't flush more than what's needed down the tank. Many technicians will also counsel you to avoid using a garbage disposal if you have a septic tank, since this adds to the amount of solids in the tank. And, of course, a regular septic tank pumping is critical to keeping the solids low in a healthy tank. 

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