Three Common Furnace Problems

Problems with your furnace can pose a serious threat to the comfort of your house during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, a furnace can encounter a variety of problems that can compromise its performance. In particular, there are three problems that you may notice your furnace exhibiting, and knowing how to handle these issues will make you better prepared to minimize the disruptions these issues may cause.

The Furnace Turns Off And On Every Few Minutes It Is Running

A furnace that is constantly turning off and on can represent a major source of energy waste. This is in addition to the comfort issues that your house may encounter. Often, this problem can be traced to the unit receiving inadequate airflow. When this happens, the furnace will have to work harder to distribute heat throughout your house. This can increase the wear and tear on the unit, which can eventually result in it struggling to stay on for an extended period of time. In particular, the motor that powers the furnace's primary fan can become damaged due to excessive use, which can cause these problems to start manifesting. If you find your furnace is encountering this problem, you should make it a point to have it professionally serviced. These service visits will allow a technician to quickly identify the source of the problem so that repair can be made to the unit.

Musty Odors Come From The Vents

Foul odors coming from the vents can be a common problem when you turn the unit on for the first time after several weeks or months of inactivity. These odors develop because of dust and mold particles that can accumulate in the furnace. Fortunately, these odors will quickly fade once the unit starts being used again. However, you can help to minimize these odors by changing the filter prior to starting the unit. If the odor fails to dissipate after the first few times that you run the furnace, you may need to have it professionally cleaned to remove any contents that are contributing to these odors.

The Unit Fails To Turn On When The Interior Temperature Drops

Discovering that your furnace is not running when it should can be an alarming problem because you may assume it will be expensive to repair. However, this issue can often stem from malfunctions with the thermostat. In particular, it is possible for the thermostat's sensors to become coated with dust, which can severely inhibit their ability to give accurate temperature readings. Avoiding these problems will require you to dust the interior of the thermostat every few months. Luckily, this task can be fairly simple to do as you will only need to spray the interior with a can of compressed air to remove any dust accumulations that were forming.

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