Quake Cracked Up Your Driveway? Don't Leave That Repair Undone For Too Long

No one likes to deal with quake damage, but if even a moderately strong quake should hit your town, chances are you'll have to repair at least a few things around your home. Your old asphalt driveway might be one of them, especially if the ground under the asphalt experienced liquefaction during the quake. If there was also damage to your yard and home, you might think you could leave the driveway repairs for later, but that's not really a good idea. Once the chances of large aftershocks have died down, you should try to get the asphalt repaired or repaved as soon as you can, lest your property suffer some side effects from the broken asphalt.

Improvised Skate Park

This might sound like the least of your worries, but if your driveway has broken up into chunks due to the shaking, it could attract neighborhood kids on skateboards. This is not speculation; it actually happened on at least one street after the Napa quake in 2014. Most people will be courteous and stop using your damaged driveway as a skate ramp if you tell them to, but it's best to get the repairs done quickly so that you don't have to tell them to go away (because if there's no more damage doubling as a skate park, they won't show up at your driveway). The skateboards themselves can cause more damage and chipping to the asphalt, increasing the size of the repair job you'll have to do.

Moisture Damage and Erosion

If it rains after the quake, all that water is going to drip down into the underlying soil. Heavy rain could potentially wash away some of the soil, meaning you'd have to have the ground under the driveway repaired as well. If you have minor cracks, for example, and heavy rain hits, even minor erosion could lead to the asphalt on top buckling even further. That again would increase the amount of repairs you'd have to do.

Damage From Flying Debris

You're also going to have to deal with loose debris from the damaged driveway as your car, your family's bikes, and other vehicles move on and off the driveway. Cars will have to move slowly, but someone zipping along on a bike into the driveway can send a small piece of broken asphalt flying into a garage door, a window, or another person standing nearby.

Because quakes mess with not only the surface structures but the soil itself, have a professional asphalt repair company come in and inspect the damage from the soil to the sealant layer. It's better to have a professional come in and do it because he or she will know exactly how a quake can affect all the different materials that go into creating a driveway. Check out a site like http://www.lakeridgepaving.com to get in touch with an asphalt repair company.