Time For New Carpeting? 4 Steps To Protect Your Investment

If you're going to be installing new carpeting, you know how big an investment it is. The last thing you want is to have it wear out prematurely. Protecting your new carpeting is a lot less expensive than having it replaced again because it wore out too soon. Here are four simple steps you can take to keep your carpet looking brand new.

Spring for the Protection

Now that you're investing in new carpeting, don't forget to add on the additional protection. Having your carpet treated with a stain-resistant coating will help keep it clean longer. Once your carpeting is treated, you'll be able to wipe away stains before they set in to the fibers. While the protective sealant will add a bit to the initial cost of your carpeting, you'll save money in the long-run.

Keep the Sun Out

If you enjoy opening your curtains and letting the sun in each day, you might be damaging your carpeting. The sun can cause serious damage to your carpet fibers. First, it can fade the color, leaving your carpet looking dull. Second, it weakens the fibers, leaving them susceptible to premature deterioration. The best way to stop the sun from destroying your carpet, is to keep your curtains closed, especially when the sun is shining directly into your home. If you simply can't live without having your curtains open all day, you should consider having your windows tinted.

Make It a No-Shoe Zone

You can extend the life of your new carpeting by making your home a no-shoe zone. Each time you wear shoes on your carpeting, you track in dirt, grease, sand, and other contaminants that can destroy the fibers. To protect your carpeting, place mats at each exterior-facing door, and take your shoes off before entering the house.

Bring in the Professionals

Even with the best care, your carpeting is going to need professional care from time-to-time. To extend the life of your carpeting, you should have it cleaned by a professional like Conscientious Carpet Care at least once a year. Professional cleaning will remove the dirt and sand that's hiding in the fibers. It will also help restore those high-traffic areas where your carpeting gets matted down. For maximum protection, be sure to have your carpets retreated with a stain-guard each time you have them cleaned.

Don't let your new carpeting wear out before it's time. Use the tips provided here to keep your carpeting looking brand new.