Hanging Curtains: The Dos And Don'ts

Hanging curtains may look simple when you see them on the cover of a magazine, or in photos online, but it takes some work in order to get them looking like they were hung by a professional. It's more than just throwing a curtain rod above your windows and slapping come curtains onto the rod. See below for some dos and don'ts to help you when hanging up draperies, so they look polished and like they were hung professionally. 

Do: Hang Curtains High

Measure the area above your window trim, as you want your curtain rod to hang as close as possible to your ceiling (at least 2-3 inches below the ceiling). If you have tall ceilings, aim for about 5-7 inches above your window trim. Raising your curtain rod can give the illusion of height to your windows.

Don't: Use Small Curtain Rods

It may cost you more to invest in larger curtain rods, but wider rods allows you to open your curtains up beyond your window trim. This helps give the illusion of width to your windows, and allows you to bring in more light. A larger curtain rod adds a bolder look to your window as well. 

Do: Buy Long Curtains

Because you are hanging your curtains higher, your traditional length curtains won't look as nice on your windows. Buy longer length curtains such as 96" or more so your curtains hang to the floor, especially when hanging curtains in a living, dining or bedroom, where your curtains can add a dramatic look to the room. Using those traditional length curtains will make it look like you're expecting a flood. The longer curtains may be more expensive, but it's worth it.

Don't: Skimp On Narrow Panels

Narrow panels can also look a little less than dramatic as well. When you close your curtains, they should still give a look of fullness, not sit flat. Curtains that sit flat, even when closed can look cheap. Look for curtain panels that are twice the width of your window.

Do: Use A Hanging Template

Be sure when hanging your curtains that you use a cardboard template with the holes marked on it for your curtain rod holders, to make hanging them easier. It can also help if you are hanging multiple curtain rods to help ensure they are all hung at the same height, and all are level. 

When hanging curtains, be sure to take your time and don't skimp by using short or narrow curtains, or the wrong size rod.