Repair Or Replace? Factors A Repair Specialists Considers When Advising You Whether To Repair Or Replace A Damaged Spa Pump

A spa pump is responsible for filtering the water in your Jacuzzi to help keep it clean. If you go to turn the filter system on and the pump doesn't turn on, or water is not being filtered in or out of the pump, you pump may need to be repaired or replaced. You will want to call a repair company quickly or your spa can get dirty or develop algae quickly. But when you call a specialist, you may find yourself wondering if they will recommend you repair the spa pump or replace it. Here are the factors a Jacuzzi repair specialists looks at when advising you on whether you should repair or replace your spa pump. 

The Age of the Spa Pump

Spa pumps are only designed to last for about 15 years. As such, a spa repair specialist will look at the age of the spa pump when determining whether it should be repaired or replaced when it stops working. If the pump is nearing the 15 year mark, or has passed it, it may not make sense to repair the pump, as odds are, it will die again soon based on its age. Likewise, if the pump is relatively new, it may make more sense to repair it, as it has a long lifespan ahead of it. 

How Deteriorated the Pump Is

Another key element that a Jacuzzi repair specialist will look at when recommending whether you repair or replace the spa pump is how deteriorated the parts in the pump are. While most pumps are designed to last for about 15 years, they may not last as long if they are not properly cared for or maintained, or if they are exposed to extreme weather elements. A repairman will examine the pump and determine if other parts are deteriorated and damaged. If there are multiple parts that are damaged or worn, it may make more sense to replace the pump. 

The Ease of Finding Replacement Parts

The last factor that a spa repair specialist considers when recommending that you repair or replace a Jacuzzi pump is how easy or challenging it is to find replacement parts for the pump. If your spa pump has been discontinued for some time, finding parts may be challenging and costly. If the parts for your pump are hard to come by or expensive, replacing the pump is almost always recommended. 

When a Jacuzzi repair specialist arrives at your home, they will work to figure out why your spa pump is not working. From there, they will then determine whether the pump should be repaired or replaced based on the age of the pump, how deteriorated other elements are within the pump and how easy it is to find replacement parts. Contact a service, like Spa Tech, to get started.