Are You Wanting More Space In Your House?

Has your house become too small for your family? Perhaps you realize that you need extra space, but you simply don't want to move. It might be that, except for the needed space, you love the rest of the design of your home. Or, it might be that you love your neighborhood so much that you can't imagine living anywhere else. From enclosing a patio to building a totally new room, here are some ideas that might help you when you want more space in your house.

Do A Detailed Assessment - Before you even talk to a builder or an architect, do a thorough assessment of your house. For example, if you never, or rarely, use the living room, you might consider turning that room into a more casual room where your family can do things like watch television and play board games. Perhaps you have used one of the rooms in your house as a library or a study room. Couldn't a living room or a family room be used for those purposes? After you've done a detailed study of your house in its present state, then you'll have a better idea of whether you want to proceed with a residential room addition. Think of looking through decorating magazines and books to get ideas on how to enlarge your house. Keep a file where you can save pictures you like and ideas you've thought of. When you meet with the builder who will work on your house,  you'll be glad you have those

Make A Plan - You don't have to be an accomplished artist to draw a simple plan of what you want to do to give your house more space. For example, if you have decided that you want an indoor patio, sketch that onto the part of your house that is best suited to have the patio as it's extension. It might be that your house is designed in a way that an entire second floor could be added to make room for additional bedrooms and maybe something like a sewing room or a craft room. After you have made your own sketches, consider meeting with a builder to discuss what you want to do with your house. The builder will more than likely have ideas of his own or her own that you might not have even thought of. After all, the builder probably has the training and the experience to give you good advice on how to proceed.

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