Rain, Rain, Won't Ever Go Away? Avoiding Problems With Moisture & Mold

Sometimes, the rain comes, and it just seems like it never wants to stop. If it has been raining for days on end and you haven't seen the sun in what seems like weeks, there's no doubt you are anxious for blue skies to finally appear, hopefully, in the near future. in the meantime, it's important to continue checking your home for water leaks and mold growth. Here are a few helpful pieces of advice. 

How much moisture is coming up through the concrete foundation? 

Cover a part of the concrete flooring in your foundation with a large plastic sheet or sheeting. Tape the plastic down to the floor and leave it overnight. The next day, check underneath of the plastic to see how many beads of water formed.

This will show you whether or not moisture is being wicked up through the porous concrete flooring of your foundation. This phenomenon is called capillary action. This same test can be repeated on the walls, but the results may not be as drastic. 

What is the humidity level like inside the house? 

With all of that moisture coming up through the concrete foundation, the rest of the house will feel humid from it. Purchase a humidity monitor to keep tabs on the humidity inside your home. This will help you with knowing when to turn on a dehumidifier to help in reducing the humidity as well as lowering the risks of mold growth inside your home. 

Are there spots of mildew or mold growth in your home? 

Where there is too much water or moisture, there is a risk of mold. Mold growth can seriously affect the health of those who live in the home. Mildew spots and mold growth are unsightly but can also affect health, particularly for those who have asthma or other lung conditions and, therefore, must be removed from the home. 

The process of removing mold from the home is called remediation. While you can do it yourself, it's highly recommended that you hire mold remediation service to do the task for you. This is especially true if you are the family member in your home with allergies and sensitivities to mold and mildew. 

It's important to understand that mold can also grow inside walls and remain unseen. A professional mold remediation service like Colfax Corporation can spot check various locations around your home, including inside walls, for mold via test kits.