4 Pool Repair And Maintenance Tips To Get Your Pool Ready To Open After Winter Storms

The winter storms can cause damage to your pool due to heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. Once the dangers of winter storms have past, there is going to be some maintenance and repairs to do. Here are some pool repair and maintenance tips to get you ready for spring opening after winter storms.

1. Heavy Snowfall and The Damage It Can Cause to Pool Covers

One of the biggest dangers of winter weather to pools is damage to pool covers. Even if you have a heavy cover that is designed to resist the weight of people, you will want to remove any excess snow. If your cover has been damaged or compromised during winter storms, you will want to make sure you have it repaired to ensure your pool stays safe.

2. Making Sure That Lines and Equipment Are Protected from Winter Freezes

You will want to make sure that the lines and equipment of your pool are protected from winter freezes. The best way to do this is to remove water from the lines and drain your pool to a level below any inlets and outlets. You will want to plug lines to stop water from getting in, which can cause damage to lines and equipment if it freezes during the winter months.

3. Backwashing Equipment to Clean Filters and Prepare for Spring

Backwashing your equipment is essential to remove any algae and debris that has gotten in the system over the winter months. This is the process of opening the backwash valve and running the pumps to circulate through the filter in reverse. This will also help prime the equipment and locate leaks that need to be repaired before opening.

4. Cleaning Water and Preparing Pipes and Equipment to Open Your Pool

The last step in preparing your pool for opening is to clean the water. You will want to start by removing the algae and any debris that has fallen in the water over the winter months. After removing large debris, you will want to shock the water. Before shocking the water, you need to inspect the equipment and make sure that any damage has been repaired to run pumps and filters while shocking the water.

These are some pool maintenance and repair tips to get ready for spring opening after the danger of winter storms has passed. If you need help with some of these improvements, contact a pool repair service like Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc. to get ready for your summer pool parties.