Why Waterproof Your Basement When It Doesn't Leak Already?

If your basement doesn't leak, is there any real reason to waterproof the area? Your basement is one of the most important parts of your home, and if the area is not properly secured, you put your home at risk of flooding, mold and mildew damage, and more. If you're lucky enough to have a basement that doesn't really leak, you may scoff at the idea of waterproofing the area or putting more money into this space of the home at all.

If it's not broken, why fix it? This may be how you feel, but there are actually many reasons why waterproofing your basement is a good idea. Even if your basement doesn't show any signs of leaking now, discover why waterproofing is a great idea.

You support the wall bracing

Did you know that even concrete walls will sweat when they are exposed to moisture? If you have unfinished or painted walls in your basement, you need to secure the walls with waterproofing sealants or other agents so if even the smallest amount of moisture gets inside your home, you don't have to worry about cement cracking or swelling or damaged drywall. A healthy wall is a healthy home foundation, which starts with your basement.

You prevent costly water damage

If you can help prevent water damage in the future, you should make the investment now. Repairing water damage is often far more costly than preventing the same in the first place. When you do your part to keep your basement safe from water damage, you help secure your investment for the future, which is great for helping keep your home sound.

You keep air quality healthier

If you get any type of water damage in your basement, odds are the damage will eventually spread to the other areas of your home as well. You don't want mold spores or mildew to spread around your home, causing air quality to worsen with time. If you want to protect your house against moisture damage, start with one of the areas that are most likely to get wet in the first place: your basement.

Get a quote for basement waterproofing from your construction contractor. Your basement shouldn't cost a lot to waterproof, especially if no leaks are currently present, since your home won't take a lot of prep work to make the waterproofing project a success. Your contractor will give you an estimate for how long their services will take to complete.