What To Do About Storm Damaged Siding

High winds, hail, and general storm damage can wreak havoc on your home's siding. Unfortunately, damage to the siding can lead to even more problems later, as pests and water will make their way into the interior of your home. The following guide can help you deal with storm damage quickly so you don't have to worry about bigger problems later.

Loose siding

Loose siding is usually the result of high winds getting underneath a length of siding due to a damaged or missing siding clip. If the piece has not been cracked, then it can usually be reattached with a new clip or by using siding nails. The main challenge with this type of damage is that you may not be able to simply clip it back into place because of the way the pieces are designed. You may need to remove the siding lengths above or below the loose one, depending on how things interconnect. This allows you to reach the attachment points without leaving any gaps for moisture to gain access into the walls.

Holes and cracks

Holes and cracks are typically caused by hail or blowing debris, and they are mainly an issue on vinyl siding. Metal siding may suffer dents, which will need to be cleaned and repainted to avoid rust or corrosion. For vinyl siding, replacement is the only repair option. You may need to replace the entire length, or you may be able to cut off the damaged portion and then only replace the short length that was removed. The biggest challenge with fixing this type of damage is matching the replacement siding to the existing siding on the house. This can be done by removing a length from a hidden area of the home and using it as a patch, then using a close match on the hidden area.

Trim damage

The trim around the corners, windows, and doors of siding can sometimes be torn off by strong winds. While the siding may look fine and the damage can seem minimal, water can work its way under the siding due to the damaged trim. Fortunately, this is the easiest issue to fix as you can simply replace the trim. If you can't find a color match, simply replace all of the trim with a contrasting color that complements the siding.

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