Remodel Or Replace? How To Handle Your Kitchen Cabinets During Renovation

You are right in the middle of planning your kitchen renovation project, and there is one big decision to be made: will you remodel or replace your kitchen cabinets. As one of the largest features in just about any home's kitchen, what you do with the cabinetry can set the stage for the final outcome. However, it is not always as easy as it may seem to determine if cabinetry is in good enough shape to simply remodel. In fact, it can be quite a difficult determination to make. Here is a look at some of the things to consider to help you make the best decisions about remodeling or replacing your kitchen cabinets. 

Kitchen cabinet replacements will be the more expensive option. 

Brand-new kitchen cabinet prices can range drastically according to how they are designed and the materials used in the process. You can expect to pay $100 to $1,200 per linear foot of cabinetry, and most cabinet types will fall somewhere in between. Of course, using the materials you already have and giving them a new look is usually going to be the less-expensive option. If your kitchen renovation project is already reaching a budget limit because you need new floors, appliances, and countertops, it may be best to remodel the cabinets instead of replacing them.

Some kitchen cabinetry cannot be remodeled so easily. 

Not all forms of kitchen cabinetry are easily remodeled. There are a few different ways this cabinetry can be redone, including: 

  • Sanding them down and refinishing or repainting them 
  • Replacing the doors or "faces" of the cabinets with new pieces and refinishing the whole setup 
  • Rearranging the pieces you have to better fit your new kitchen

All of this is possible with the majority of wooden cabinets. However, if the cabinetry is metal or the materials are in bad shape, some of these remodeling options may not be a possibility. 

Remodeling kitchen cabinets is more time-consuming but worth it. 

If a contractor determines that the kitchen cabinets you have are structurally sound and can be remodeled, you should know that the remodeling process is naturally going to take a little longer to complete. If you are on a strict timeline with your kitchen renovation project, the extra time can be bothersome. However, you could end up saving yourself thousands of dollars by remodeling your cabinetry so it is a wait that is worth it.