All About Plats

Even if you own land, you may not know what a plat surveyor is. First, you should learn what a plat is. A plat is a map that has been drawn to scale and that shows the separate divisions of land. You can learn more about the reasons a land surveyor may be used to survey land and draw up plats by reading the information here.

What Is a Land Surveyor?

A land surveyor is a person who takes exact measurements of properties, generally these properties include ones that have been sold or that are going to be going up for sale. Surveyors will also locate roads and utilities when needed for certain purposes. For example, when a developer moves into an area and begins purchasing land to build on, they are going to need to know exactly where the property lines are, and where the utilities are that they are going to need to have run to the properties and this is where the land surveyor and plats will come in to play.

How Are Plats Determined?

When a plat is being made, distances will be measured using geographical features in order to determine the boundaries for each parcel. Once each parcel has been determined, the information can be used in the selling of a property, as well as for things like knowing where fences can be installed, knowing where one's mining and/or mineral rights begin and end, and more.

What Features Do Plats Have?

A plat is most commonly known for offering visual views of a parcel that helps one to fully understand the property lines, as well as more about the actual land. There are written descriptions about the parcels that that cover the entire parcel beginning at one point and goes around the parcel until everything is covered going back to the starting point.

What Are Some of the Different Types of Plat?

There are different reasons that plats will be created. One of the reasons for plat creation will be done in order for someone to consolidate their parcels that are adjoining and in which they want to turn into one parcel, creating a single one that is much larger in size; this is called a plat of consolidation. Also, there is a plat that is done in order to divide parcels into ones that are smaller in size. Often times, this is done in order to make separate smaller parcels to build on, such as in the creation of a subdivision and this is why this is called a plat of subdivision.

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