Tips For Discovering Sewer Leaks

There are few things more disgusting than leaking sewage pipes. Not only do these leaks cause smelly problems, but they can also cause damage to the surrounding home or yard. Furthermore, once pipes have already developed severe leaks, they can be very expensive to fix. For that reason, it's always best if you discover leaks or potential leaks early on and get them taken care of quickly, before they have time to cause major issues.

How To Install An Insulation Blanket On A Water Heater Tank

One of the best ways of preventing energy loss from an existing water heater is to insulate it with a blanket. Before you purchase an insulation kit, you may want to perform the simple test explained below.   The Test Before you start, confirm that your water heater tank needs to be insulated. A simple way of doing this is to place your hands on the exterior surface of the tank.