3 Reasons Why Fleet Management Is More Challenging Than Many People Think

If you are having trouble keeping up with your company's fleet of vehicles and need a little help with it, you should know you are not alone. Many companies use fleet management services to help them with fleet management for their trucks, and this may be something that you will want to do as well. After all, fleet management can be a lot more challenging than people think for these reasons and more.

How Tuckpointing Improves The Appearance Of Your Fireplace

If your brick fireplace is starting to show its age because the mortar is deteriorating, then it may be time to make some cosmetic improvements. Replacing the mortar makes the fireplace look nicer and keeps the fireplace in good shape. This can be achieved through a process called tuckpointing, and here's how it's done. Tuckpointing Improves The Appearance Of Brick Your old fireplace may have mortar that's crumbling out in places, and this creates an uneven look between the bricks.

All About Plats

Even if you own land, you may not know what a plat surveyor is. First, you should learn what a plat is. A plat is a map that has been drawn to scale and that shows the separate divisions of land. You can learn more about the reasons a land surveyor may be used to survey land and draw up plats by reading the information here. What Is a Land Surveyor?

Remodel Or Replace? How To Handle Your Kitchen Cabinets During Renovation

You are right in the middle of planning your kitchen renovation project, and there is one big decision to be made: will you remodel or replace your kitchen cabinets. As one of the largest features in just about any home's kitchen, what you do with the cabinetry can set the stage for the final outcome. However, it is not always as easy as it may seem to determine if cabinetry is in good enough shape to simply remodel.

What To Do About Storm Damaged Siding

High winds, hail, and general storm damage can wreak havoc on your home's siding. Unfortunately, damage to the siding can lead to even more problems later, as pests and water will make their way into the interior of your home. The following guide can help you deal with storm damage quickly so you don't have to worry about bigger problems later. Loose siding Loose siding is usually the result of high winds getting underneath a length of siding due to a damaged or missing siding clip.